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Q1. What forms must I complete for my athlete to participate?

  1. Download and sign Club Handbook (includes all forms below)
  2. Club Application
  3. Medical Release Form
  4. Media Release Form
  5. Physical Exam Form
  6. Liability Waiver

Q2. What does it cost to join the Blue Lightning Track Club and what would come with my membership?   

A. For current membership rates, click here

Here’s what comes with your club membership:

Speed Training included with Club Membership.
Spring & Summer track season training begins January.

– coaching and athlete development
– track & field event training
– speed, strength and endurance training
– speed fundamentals
– speed skill development
– hydration and nutrition guides
– personal user profile
– supplemental training resources
– coaching and managing athlete at competitions
– team track bag
– team t-Shirt
– team operational costs

Note: Team uniform, sweat suit, meet competition fees, and travel are not included in the cost of the membership.


Q3. What age groups do you work with?

A. 6-18


Q4. What age groups competition categories?
Boys and girls age group divisions by year of birth.
 8 – Under 2009+
 9 – 10 2007-2008
11 – 12 2005-2006
13 – 14 2003-2004
15 – 16 2001-2002
17 – 18 2000-1999
Q5. Can I participate in a practice to try out the Blue Lightning Track Club?
A. Yes, you may participate in one practice but must sign a Medical Waiver of Liability (download here) before practicing with us.

Fall / Winter Practice Locations

Sat, 10:00 am – Earl O’Neal Field at 2710 Old Covington Road, Conyers, GA 30013.

Wed, 4:45 pm –Newton H.S. at 1 Ram Way, Covington, GA 30014


Note: There are times when we will practice at an alternate track at a local high school. For up-to-minute practice and team information, join our text system.

Note: There are times when we will practice at an alternate location or delayed because of rain.  For up-to-the-minute practice and team information, join our Remind Me list system by texting:

To:  81010  Enter “@stevespeed” without the quotes ” for the text message


Q6. Can I participate in the Blue Lightning Track Club if I play another sport?

A. Yes, you may participate in our track club while playing another sport. However, the main issue is usually having the available time to do both. We practice Monday’s and Wednesday’s and track meets are typically all day Saturday and sometimes Sunday.  If your sport conflicts with track practice and meets, then it will be very difficult for you to participate full time and receive all the benefits of a club member.

Q7. When is my club membership payment due?

A. Your club membership payment is due upon joining the team.  If you want to practice with the team as a non-member, then the cost is $20 per practice as a Speed Training only customer.  Payment in the form of cash or credit card is due at the time of practice.

Q8. What is the difference between Club Membership and Speed Training only?
A. Club membership is for athletes who will join the Blue Lightning Track Club, receive track and field coaching, wear a Blue Lightning Track Club uniform, represent the track club, and compete during the track season. Speed Training Only is for individuals who are receiving training but not competing with our track team.  (See Club Membership vs. Training Only under our pricing link, click here.

Q9. What is a competition fee?

A. Track meets are created by independent meet operators, in many cases a Meet Director.  AAU and USATF associations host meets as well, like their Junior Olympic Series that were are participating in now.  The competition (or meet fee) is the entry fee paid to the meet management company for an athlete to participate in their track and field competition.

This fee is usually $16 or less per athlete during the non-championship season.  A late meet registration fee ($5-10)  will apply if you register after the meet director’s deadline.  

The fee covers:

  • cost of meet of operations
  • timing company
  • meet direction
  • administration
  • processing the athlete
  • competition bib number
  • heat and lane assignments
  • field event flights
  • officials
  • security
  • medals or ribbons
  • process and printouts and results to track club coaches and participants.
  • awards (medals, trophies, ribbons, plaques, etc)

Think of the meet fee as an athlete cover charge to participate in a track meet.

Q10. When are the competition fees due?

A. Competition fees typically do a few days before the track meet. For example, if the track meet is on a Saturday the competition fee is due Tuesday or Wednesday and must be paid by the coach to the meet director via online registration.

Q11. How much are competition fees and how are they paid?
A. Competition fees are usually no more than $16 dollars per athlete paid to the meet director through a third-party meet registration system like How do I pay for my meet registration? Can I pay per event or the whole season up front?
A.  You can pay per event or the entire season upfront through your membership profile on our website: Yes, you can also pay all meet fees in advance.


Q13. Are you affiliated with AAU or USATF?

A.  The Blue Lightning Track Club has club memberships with both AAU (club# WYTBY7) and USATF (club# 795).  Note: To run in both AAU and USATF sanctioned meets you must have a valid membership with each association.

Q14. Are Blue Lightning Track Club Coaches and staff background checked?

A. Yes. Participating coaches have passed a background screening by USATF.

The USATF Registered Coaches Program was conceived to establish a set of standards for all coaches affiliated with USA Track & Field. The program involves a four-pronged process, which results in a published list of coaches who have demonstrated the ethics, honesty, and trustworthiness necessary for endorsement by the national governing body. The centerpiece of the process is a comprehensive Safe  Sport Handbook which focuses on only the highest ethical and honorable standards. Registered Coaches also carry with them the rights and privileges available only to those within the registry.

Q15. What kind of shoes do I need for practice and competitions?

A.  An athlete will need two types of shoes, one for practices and another for competitions.  The shoe types depend on the athlete’s competition event.  For example, a sprinter needs a sprint track shoe (with spikes) designed for sprinting on synthetic tracks, and a middle distance runner requires a middle distance track shoe with or with or without spikes depending on the event.  There are also special competition shoes for field events like the shot put.  In general, every athlete will need two types of shoes, one for practices and another for competitions. (See recommended shoe samples to purchase here)



QUESTION:  What are Athletes’ Responsibilities at a track meet?


1. Participate in team warm-up.
2. Have coach pin your competition bib# to your shirt.
3. Pay attention to the meet announcer.  The check-in time for each event is approximately 30-45 minutes before the event and will be announced over the stadium PA system.
4. Check-in. When you check in, you should be ready to compete (with uniform, number, and shoes). Take your water with you to check-in. Once you check in at your running event, you should not leave the check-in area,

5. Sit with the Club during the meet.
6. After competition drink water and eat protein (yogurt or protein drink)

QUESTION:  What are Parents’ Responsibilities at a track meet?


1. The night before (see below).
2. Your Champion should receive 8 to 10 hours of sleep 2 nights before a meet.
3. Your Champion should eat a nutritious breakfast. This includes fruit, bread, cereal, water, and juice. Little or no meat is best as it takes a long time to digest and will slow an athlete’s performance. Foods with a high sugar content will also slow performance and cause an energy dump or “crash” making the muscles sluggish and heavy. More meal information is provided below.

QUESTION: Can a track meet be rained out?

ANSWER: Track meets are hosted even if it rains, and we will only delay or be canceled in the event of extended thunderstorms. To stay in touch please sign-up for weather alerts at Under
“Find Your Organization” you will receive delay or cancellation text messages if any. Parents are highly encouraged to sign-up for

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