Club Memberships
Blue Lightning Track Club Memberships

COUNTING DOWN to the first  Spring Track meet! We’re only accepting a limited number of athletes this year.

Before joining the team, future team members must attend a free Test Drive Tryout with the coaching staff to evaluate the athlete’s potential for track and field.

Summer Track
Apr 21 - Aug 5
Single Season w/ Track Meets
Track Club Membership*
Coaching & Development
Track & Field Fundamentals
Proper Running Form
Speed Development on Vertimax
Strength & Core Training
Max Velocity Training
Middle Distance Training
*Includes remaining Spring Season to 5/27/22
Track Meets & Jr. Olympic Series
Starting Blocks
Relay Training for relay members
Field Events
Hydration & Nutrition Guides
Supplemental Training Resources
Link to Action Photos for social media

**Note: Team warm-ups, competition uniform, meet competition fees, and travel are not included in the cost of the membership.

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