Handbook Submitted – Thank You! Next, Join Team Communications – BAND

Joining the Team Communications on BAND takes less than a minute. 🙂 We use BAND to keep you informed of all team communications.


1. Please do not use BAND to send messages to the whole group. The entire team is on the BAND distribution list, and a text from any member will reach everyone. For this reason, if you want to get a message to the team, send it to Coach Steve via text at 678-614-1258, and he will review it for distribution to the team.

2. Acceptable use of BAND – It is OK to respond to BAN posts with likes and comments for congratulations, condolences, and encouragement. Also, posting positive images and videos during and after track meets, and Blue Lightning practices are all acceptable.

3. You can control when you receive a BAND message using the mute and unmute feature in your BAND account and set the best times you prefer to receive notification from the team. However, if you mute your BAND, remember that you will no longer receive team notifications until you have un-muted notifications.

Click Below

Join Team Communications - BAND

The head coach will receive a notification to accept you to BAND.  Feel free to text Coach Steve if it has been more than 30 minutes since you have requested to join and you have not been added yet. Mobile – 678-614-1258

Note: You will receive an email requesting you to join BAND as well, just in case you accidentally skip this step in the confirmation screen.


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