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The Story Behind The Blue Lightning Name

The backstory behind the Blue Lightning name.

When my sons, Cole and Kyle, were 5 and 7 they made up two superheroes because they couldn’t find any on TV that looked like them. I had an illustrator to draw them based on their superhero characters and likeness, and Blue Ice and Blue Lightning arrived.

Blue Ice could read minds and freeze criminals to stop crimes. Blue Lightning could speak the language of any creature on Earth and had blinding speed – literally. Blue Lightning could run so fast that the flash from his lightning speed could blind his enemies temporarily.

When we created the track club 5 years ago, Blue Lightning was the name they wanted so we added “Track Club” to it and it was done. Back then it was just the three of us. Since then the team has grown to 35 members.

Champions on THREE, 1-2-3!

Steve Strother, Head Coach


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